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Welcome to Memorial Boys Lacrosse

We are the official lacrosse program for boys attending Memorial High School and those living in neighborhoods zoned to MHS. We have Varsity and JV teams competing at the Division I level of the Texas High School Lacrosse League. For more information please email or any member of our Board.


2015-16 Board of Directors                                                           Head Coaches

President - Kevin Beasley   713-516-8976                                      Varsity

                                                         Dalton Jernigan  301-471-8815

Vice-President - Steve Smith   713-542-2377                                        @3dlacrosse.com


Treasurer - Greg Jeckovich   713-204-2694                                     Don McGraw  310-623-2943


Secretary - Amber Bretches   713-899-8978


MHS Liaison - Carter Crow  713-922-9370                                                   


At-Large - Joan Bremner   713-306-7899


At-Large - Jay McMillan   713-545-2959


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1 THSLL - South Texas

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